Likes and dislikes are both desires

Food always seemed to be a sharp point of contention, especially now that there were both Easterners and Westerners living together, sharing the same fare. Indian food was too spicy for the Westerners, and Western cooking too insipid for the Indian palate. One day in Panchgani, when discussing the menu, Baba remarked:

Dislikes are as much wants as likes. Both are desires of the ego and hence both have to go. Some like one thing and some do not like another. You like one thing but not another. Both are opposite desires and should be left.

As far as desires go, you should consciously try to be like a stone. A stone never says, “I want this, I don’t want that!” It is oblivious to likes and dislikes. When you go beyond your limited wants – your likes and dislikes – and turn into stones, then you will experience infinite consciousness!
–, p2289


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