Keep your mind always toward the goal

Miss Carena Shields met Baba the same day…Like Hurlbut, she too felt conflicted. Baba reiterated: “In the West too are sincere souls who seek the Truth. There is an awakening even in the West toward a life behind all this [gross world]. But it is difficult to reconcile the two — material and spiritual living. I know how you feel, and tell you that you shouldn’t feel disappointed with this situation or conflict, as you say.

“You must always remember that in spirituality, it is not the intellect and external life that matters, but it is the feelings and inner experiences that count.

You can live in the world, do all your duties, and yet be spiritual. You should not run away from the world, nor shirk your duties towards your own and others.

Live in the world doing all your legitimate duties, but keep your mind always toward the goal. Have a longing for inner life and experiences, and it will surely come to you gradually., p1663
Jan, 1935; California

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