“Once I forgive, there is nothing to repent for”

Each man candidly revealed his weaknesses before Baba which satisfied him. Afterward he remarked, “Now you do not have to repent for anything. You have been open with me and I have forgiven you for every wrongdoing. There are a few among you without any fault, but I have forgiven all the others.”

Baba then explained:

Just as I asked you today to confess openly your weaknesses, Jesus would meet daily with his disciples at a fixed time, and forgive their weaknesses and advise them. From this act of Jesus, the Catholics approach a priest for confession to this day. It is a good practice. But after a confession and pardon, the actions should not be repeated. If they are repeated, where is the benefit? It does no good if you commit seven hundred wrongs in seven days, and go to a priest to confess, only to repeat them later.

The priests, dasturs, mullahs and preachers give long-winded sermons, but they prove ineffective. People listen with one ear and it goes out the other, for they continue committing wrongs. The reason for this is that only a Qutub or Sadguru can deal with the consequences of human offenses, underline their seriousness and influence the offender’s mind. What impression can the words of a priest produce? It is the knowledge of a Qutub that creates a real impression and it’s his knowledge that has influence.

So be alert; do not make mistakes for which you will later repent. The intensity of lust has broken the penance and austerity of even rishis and munis. So, what about you? Your luck has brought you into my companionship and you have been forgiven with your confession. In fact, your hearts should turn to water by my loving forgiveness, and I am not angry at your shortcomings. But I have forgiven you under the condition that you do not indulge in the offenses again. How fortunate you all are that you have received my forgiveness today. It is my nature to forgive; and once I forgive, there is nothing to repent for.

-www.lordmeher.org, p1098
Oct, 1929; Persia

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