Love always seeks happiness of the Beloved

After lunch on May 19th in Nasik, Baba offered mangoes to some of the group. Some declined, saying their stomachs were too upset to eat a mango. Baba did not like this and spelled out:

What does not come spontaneously never comes! How many of you refused, how many of you hesitated, when I offered you the mangoes? In truth, there are many ways of testing faith and love. Love always seeks the will, happiness, pleasure and commands of the Beloved – always. Love never thinks of itself; that is love and that is God. God gives eternally. Love also gives; the lover never expects.

I had first intended to give you the rotten mangoes! But I knew that not one of you would have willingly taken them. And yet you all talk of dying for God! Be honest. When you say you love me – do love me.

Don’t you remember the story I told you of Ramdas and Kalyan; how Kalyan sucked the mango tied to Ramdas’ knee thinking it to be poison? This is love: to be ready to die for the love of the Beloved – for the happiness of the Beloved.
–, p2182

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