Need for cultivating love and harmony

Meals were often a source of conflict in Nasik. Jean Adriel had to have spinach every day, cooked in a special way. Another wanted beets. One of the group said they could only eat whole-wheat bread. Another requested buttermilk at a certain time each morning. Baba had instructed that Rano and Delia were to have cream every day; others wanted it also. During this meeting, Norina brought up the question of meals, and Baba commented:

You have all promised to try your best to die, so let us begin with food. Let us have no more clashes about food. Let Norina go on giving the same as before.

You (pointing to Norina) are much too blunt. And for the role of mother, you ought to be more gentle. Be one without duality. Be gentle. Listen to all suggestions. If you can fit in with them, good; if not, kiss and say no gently. This is tact. It hurts if you are too frank sometimes, and this I do not want.

Therefore, I repeat: all begin to try now or, seriously, I will tell you to go back home. And be honest in your trying. There must be harmony, love and peace – real harmony, love and peace. It cannot be forced.

Petty things take up all your energy, thoughts and time. No more of that. Love and forget. This is the only thing that matters. Love, always try to love.

You do not like Norina being so blunt. Love her all the more. She needs it. If she finds you weak in your wants, then she too must love you. You need it. If a mother found her child sick or weak, she would fondle it more, love it more. So, if any one of you is weak, the rest of you should love that one more.

By weak I mean taken up with desires. Anger is weakness, pride is weakness, and so on. So all try. As Kaka says, “No discuss; just try!”

–, p2153

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