Mind and the Working of Sanskaras – Part-2/2



As to the one who has realized God and is immersed in the state of Truth, such a one possesses, at first, no consciousness of the workings of the world and mind. Only those who, after Realization, return for duty understand and realize the operation of the world and mind. They alone can judge and discriminate between the two states, the higher and the lower.

The difference between such Realized Ones and ordinary persons can be illuminated through an analogy. Suppose a child is given a mirror. What would the child do? It would peer into it, and, ignorant of the true state of affairs, indeed, quite unconscious of the fact that its own image has fallen into the mirror, it would strike at the face of the rival, the strange person that it saw there. Now a grown-up boy or man whose senses have matured and developed would never act in this way. He would see in the mirror the image of his own face, and he would realize and understand that the image is reflected there only because of the operation of the mirror. He would know that the image is false and that he himself is the real existent.

In exactly the same way, those who have realized God and subsequently descended to the world for the performance of duty realize easily the vast difference that divides the two states, the highest and the lowest; and they know thoroughly the merits and demerits of each person they are dealing with.

“Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p376


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