Mind and the Working of Sanskaras – Part-1/2


According to “The Combined Diary,” on this Sunday morning Baba “explained to the mandali the ‘workings of the mind, sanskaras, and Truth.'” This Tiffin Lecture gives the full text of Baba’s explanation. —Eds.

The discussion took as its starting point the working of the mind, which goes on and on and never stops. Now, what is it that drives the mind, what gives it its perpetual motion?

The mind works owing to the influence of sanskaras; through the means of the body the Mind both expends and creates sanskaras-expending the old and creating new ones.

Shri continued:

As a general rule, each individual’s store of past sanskaras is exceedingly great, and to wipe them all off takes much time. For even as you wipe off the old ones, you go on creating new and fresh sanskaras through your every thought, word, and action.

Now this process of expending old and creating new sanskaras embroils ordinary people, the masses of humanity. But for those of his circle, the Sadguru brings the creation of new sanskaras to an end even as he destroys the old ones gradually; and when all of them have been wiped off, at that moment comes the time for the Realization of God, which is immediately bestowed. The working of the minds of a Sadguru’ s circle members can be compared to a wheel that turns in just one direction, that is, for the wiping off process only. By contrast, the minds of other human beings are like wheels that turn in both directions, as in the case of the balance wheel of a watch or clock, which rotates alternately one way and then the other. The point is that only the complete annihilation of sanskaras qualifies one for Realization. This is what is required.

“Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p374

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