Moods feed the ego

Believe it or not, there were times when one was tempted to stand apart and not cooperate, asking oneself why all this trouble? What had it to do with the spiritual life? But Baba’s emphasis on group work and group living was evident at all times. What meant most to Baba, of course, was to see how much enthusiasm and interest we had taken in these preparations to please Him. Baba so often emphasized that to please Him was one practical way of showing our love for Him.

In India, bit by bit the ego gave in; self-consciousness, inferiority, obstinacy, likes and dislikes, all went in our effort to please and obey Baba.

… I once asked Adi Sr. how best to please Baba when you were with Him. Adi replied, “Be supersensitive to Baba’s moods and act accordingly and anticipate His needs before He asks. I know of only one disciple, Mehera, who does this for Baba one hundred percent.”

Baba, while tolerant of our various moods, understanding their causes (frustration, jealousy, inferiority complexes) as a result of sanskaras left over from past lives, disliked them intensely. Said Baba, “All such moods feed the ego-life.”

-Love Alone Prevails, By Kitty Davy, p239

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