“My Universal work continues every moment”


Once, Baba was playing a checkers-like game with the mandali when an important government official came to see him.

Telling him to sit by his side, Baba continued the game. The official’s mind began working. Smiling, Baba remarked, “When I was Krishna, I played this game and in this form also I enjoy it. Though to you I seem to be absorbed in it, you know not what work I am now doing in the universe. My Universal work continues every moment — while I eat, drink, sleep, play — constantly.” The official received the answer to his question without asking it and was highly impressed. He watched Baba play for some time, and Baba would occasionally pat him on the back.

The man later related to Dadi, “Baba is omniscient and answers any question, not with words, but through his smile. His pats were the answers to all my questions. Sitting by him, God knows what questions arose in my mind. But when he would pat me on the back, all my questions vanished. This has been the most memorable experience of my life.”


–Date and place: April 1957;  Guruprasad
www.lordmeher.org (Revised 2014), p4165


It is not what you believe but what you are that counts.” (Life At Its Best, p60)


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