The Immortality of Universal Life – Part 1


The silence which I have been observing for the past thirty-one years is a call from the silence of unfathomable Divinity. Invite that Divinity into your hearts so that you may become permanently established in the immortality of universal life, which is vastly different from the persistence of limited individual life.

The ego life has a beginning and an end; the Truth which I bring is beginningless and endless. In order to inherit that Truth you need the courage to jump across the abyss of duality.

It is not possible to receive undying life in the Truth unless you surrender all resistance to it. You cannot drag along the prejudices of the past and yet hope to unfold Divinity within. You have to cut through the deposits of evolution and reincarnation and be completely receptive and susceptible to the lessons of life.

-Life At Its Best, p23

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