On ‘Reporting to Baba’


Taking a break from a business trip to Cochin from New Delhi, Don Stevens visited Meherazad again for a day on the morning of 27 November 1965. He arrived in Meherjee’s car with Meherwan Jessawala.

Stevens’ mother had recently passed away. Though Don had mentioned it in passing in a letter to Baba, when he arrived Baba greeted him with fire in his eyes. “Don,” he demanded, “why didn’t you send me a telegram specifically about your mother’s death?”

Don Stevens later recalled this incident:

Baba was really boiling. If you have never been around the Avatar when he is mad, you have missed an experience. I was so shaken that I could only stutter for a moment. I finally thought of the right thing to say: “Baba, I did not send you a telegram because I know now that you really are God and you know everything.” The fire went out of his eyes and he beamed and smiled. I saw that I had touched the right key.

Don relaxed and Baba embraced him. He settled down on the other side of mandali hall and was waiting for things to proceed, when all of a sudden Baba’s face darkened again. Through Eruch, Baba remarked to him,

“Even so, Don, Baba wants to explain something to you. Baba is God and God does know everything. But God has come into creation with its limitations, and you are in creation and limited by it. It is your responsibility to let Baba know when something of even modest importance comes up in your life. You must call his attention to what has happened by the most appropriate, direct, physical means.

Accordingly, Don Stevens began writing letters and would often send telegrams to Baba about his personal and business affairs. (Later, after Baba had dropped his body, Stevens recalled Baba’s instructions about informing him of events occurring in his life. At first Stevens silently “thought” his report to Baba, but his instinct seemed to prompt him that this was not a sufficient manner of fulfilling Baba’s wish in the matter. Much against his own taste he closed the door of his bedroom one day and made his report to Baba out loud — speaking to Baba as if he were physically present. He recounted afterwards that events took off at once as if jet-propelled, and therefore he continued this method of “reporting to Baba.”).

-www.lordmeher.org, p5193
Nov, 1965; Meherazad



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