On the conduct of weekly gatherings

After John Bass’ return from India, he wrote to Adi inquiring how they should conduct their Monday Night meetings in New York City.

…In reply, Adi wrote back on 26 December 1962:

Any act can be a ceremony and a bunch of acts cannot be a ceremony. Love and devotion should not be made dependent on ceremony, but could be made use of to manifest it.

Baba wants me to inform you that the Monday meetings be held as of old — prior to your visit to India — and you can play the record of Baba’s arti just before the end of the meeting. As for garlanding Baba’s picture, you may do so if you wish, with a feeling and a faith that you are all honoring Baba’s presence in your midst during the meeting. It is of no use garlanding a mere frame of Baba’s picture if his presence is forgotten and not felt.

As for burning incense, it is good to burn it sometimes as a disinfectant. Easterners use incense as Westerners use deodorants for keeping the atmosphere clean.

-www.lordmeher.org, p4904
Dec, 1962; Meherazad

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