“Be loving, honest and harmonious”

Eschew petty-mindedness. What is the use of the Center if there is discord among my lovers? You can say: “Avatar Meher Baba ki […]

“Make your heart my center”


Baba asked , “What do you understand when I say that your heart should become a Baba Centre? In your bhajans, […]

Helpful to gather in my name

Although it is true that my real center is the heart of the individual, it is helpful for my lovers […]

Qualities required for the conduct of Baba Centers

Also on the 11th, Eruch wrote to those in Bombay about conducting the affairs of their center:

Baba says that he always feels pleased […]

On the conduct of weekly gatherings

After John Bass’ return from India, he wrote to Adi inquiring how they should conduct their Monday Night meetings in New York City.

…In […]

Purpose of a Meher Center


M. S. R. Shastry’s was a lawyer, and his family performed Baba’s arti. Shastry beseeched Baba to perform the opening ceremony of the […]