Prayers should be from the heart and be natural

After hearing Kenmore recite the prayers in his booming voice, Hoshang asked Kenmore, “Are you praying or fighting with God?” Cowas felt the same way.

The next day when he was asked to repeat the prayers, Kenmore spoke them almost in a whisper. Baba stopped him and asked why he was suddenly adopting a new style of praying. Kenmore replied, “I do not want to disturb the auditory apparatus of our new visitors!”

Baba looked sternly at Hoshang and Cowas, who at that moment felt it would be better if the earth gave way beneath their feet and swallowed them up! Baba instructed Kenmore to repeat the prayer as usual.

When he finished, Baba remarked, “Prayers should be from the heart. It does not matter whether they are said loudly or softly. They should be natural. For Harry it is natural to say them loudly. If he had to say them softly, it would not be natural for him.”

–, p4601
Sept, 1959; Meherazad


“Pray from the heart by giving yourselves.  Just saying the words or being still, unless you are giving yourselves, is useless. It is the prayer of your heart, the giving of your heart, that counts. Those prayers are answered.”
(, p3980)

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