“The result of my contact”

Once during the summer of 1959, when Deshmukh’s entire family came for Baba’s darshan, his daughter Sanjeevani complained to Baba, “Father is in your contact for years, but why is it that his behavior is a constant source of embarrassment to us? Compared to him we are much more sensible.”

Baba said, “I will show you the fruit of my contact.” He ordered Sanjeevani, “Strip yourself in front of everyone here!”

Astounded, she asked, “Before all these people, Baba? How could I do that?”

Baba then asked Deshmukh to strip and he began taking off his clothes. Stopping him, Baba turned to Sanjeevani, “Now, see with your own eyes what is the result of my contact. Your father does everything for me; you don’t! Don’t judge his love from his outward behavior.”

www.lordmeher.org, p4530
April, 1959; Guruprasad


“Just remember one thing: Think only of my will and don’t think of pleasing others. If you keep my will and, if in doing so, the whole world turns against you, you should learn to ignore it. The whole world is within me. Everything will be all right if you only think of my wish.” (www.lordmeher.org, p2308)

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