Slow butchering leads to grace

Homi Desai of Lahore came for Baba’s darshan. He came after several years and was eager to lay some of his problems before Baba. But on seeing him, Baba stated, “Homi, just sit here quietly for five minutes and then leave.” Homi sat down, but his mind was in turmoil. After five minutes Baba asked him to go, and he left highly disappointed. He thought that he had lost his chance, but Baba sent someone with a message to tell him to come the next day. The whole night he kept awake, worries filling his mind. He appeared the next morning, but Baba again told him to keep quiet and leave after five minutes. Homi flushed with anger, but Baba asked him to come again the following day.

The third day, deeply troubled, Homi arrived at Guruprasad. His eyes were red from lack of sleep and his mind was churning. “Sit here for five minutes and don’t say anything,” Baba stated. “Then go.”

At first Baba took no notice of him, but the next moment when Baba gazed at him, his clouded mind cleared and inwardly he received the sought-after answers to his questions. Greatly heartened, Homi folded his hands and said to Baba, “Thank you,” and then exclaimed, “What a butcher you are to slaughter one so slowly!”

Baba replied with a smile, “Only slow butchering leads one to the Goal. A quick end keeps you where you are.”, p4524

April, 1959; Guruprasad

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