Qualifications of the Aspirant: Readiness to Serve — Freedom from opposites of great and small

If the aspirant is completely detached from all works and their results, he becomes free from the vitiating opposites of great and small. The worldly-minded feel their separative existence through achievements. Therefore they have a natural tendency to judge their achievements in terms of tangible quantities. They grasp at the great things and avoid the little things. From the spiritual point of view, the so called little things are often seen to be as important as the so-called great. Hence the aspirant has no reason to eschew the one and seek the other; he attends to little things with as much zest as to great things. Although in spiritual life even little things matter as much as great things, the conventions of the world usually fail to recognize this simple truth. By following conventionally accepted ideas, the scope of possible service to fellow beings gets artificially restricted to those activities that are conventionally regarded as important. Much that really is of vital importance to life is neglected, with the result that life is spiritually impoverished.

-Discourses 7th Ed. p361

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