Qualifications of the Aspirant: Readiness to Serve — Importance of contact with a Master

The aspirant can best assimilate the lessons of true service if he has the good fortune to be in contact with a Perfect Master. The Master teaches not through preaching but through example. When the Master is seen in his capacity of rendering service to humanity, the aspirant is quick to catch that spirit because of his love for the Master. Contact with the Master is also helpful in imbibing the spirit of cooperation, which the aspirants can cultivate easily because of their common love for the Master. They serve because the Master wants it. They do the Master’s work, not their own; and they do it not of their own accord but because they have been entrusted with that work by the Master. Therefore they are all free from any ideas of individualistic claims, rights, or privileges.

They are keen only about the Master’s work, ready to serve his cause to the best of their ability when they are called upon to do so, and equally ready to hand over that work to another aspirant if he can do it better.

-Discourses 7th Ed. p 363

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