Qualities desired of a school teacher


Meanwhile, the vice-principal of Kolhapur University, a Mr. Dixit, invited Baba to participate in the opening of a new Montessori school, but because of his seclusion, Baba did not go. Instead, on Sunday, October 18th, he sent Adi Sr. to deliver this message:

The form of service that a Montessori school takes has a practical value, if one’s service is rendered selflessly. It is an important task, as it deals with the infant’s nature in the prime of its development. The children’s carefree hearts and restless pranks reflect qualities which are divine, and they are blissful in their innocence. The task is to see how far you can make use of this “divinity” in man, expressed through the child-God. A little patience, a little kindness, infinite understanding and sweet love are the only things by which the teachers can repay for having received the usefulness of human service at its purest.

My blessings to all those who are genuinely responsible for having this school opened, as much as to the children who will attend it.
–Lord Meher (First Ed), p2820

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