Real Darshan is possible only through love

One day N. S. Agrawal of Nagpur came for a few hours and, seeking solace, pressed his head on Baba’s feet. As he returned to his seat, he requested that Baba give him darshan, “I have come for darshan; I have got to have darshan.”

“You have just had Baba’s darshan!” Eruch remarked.

Still, with folded hands, Agrawal repeated, “Baba, I pray to you to give me darshan.”

“You mean real darshan,” Baba stated. “Only a rare one is fortunate enough to have that darshan — seeing me as I should be seen.”

“If you bless me, as Lord Krishna blessed Arjuna, then I will haveVishwaruup darshan.”

“Vishwaruup or Virat darshan which Arjuna had was not real darshan. It was just the darshan of Krishna’s Universal Body. In Virat darshan, there is fear. That is why Arjuna felt afraid. In real darshan there is only bliss.”

One man interrupted, telling Agrawal, “And that is why Arjuna repeatedly prayed to Krishna to withdraw the cosmic vision and begged him to reappear in his usual attractive human form. So you, too, should now feel content to have Baba’s darshan in this Avataric form, which is due to your good fortune.”

Agrawal replied, “Why? I am not content. The mind rebels, remains dissatisfied and the heart craves for real darshan.”

In response, Baba stated, “Good! But you have no idea about real darshan. It is quite different from Virat darshan. In real darshan, there is ever-renewing bliss; there is no fear. The only way to have such darshan lies through love, and to love me is not easy. To follow love is to keep oneself prepared for greater and greater sacrifice. In leading the life of love, you must have that readiness to leave anything or everything at my signal; or willingly retain your connection with the family, business or society, if so desired by me.

“This is not easy. Try to love me in your own way and obey implicitly the instructions as and when they are given…”, p4664
Apr, 1960; Guruprasad


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