Real Love – Part 1


Turning to one member of the Australian group, Baba addressed him:

You assert, “I am God” because you have read and understood intellectually that there is nothing but God. But this assertion “I am God” falls apart, because you and your mind are not united โ€“ are not One. This assertion is due to having thoughts. Thinking is there; that means duality is there. There is no direct experience here, but he experiences an idea of unity through his understanding of the Oneness of God; therefore, this is not the real experience and not the Real Ego. There cannot be any compromise; there is no room for any compromise. There is only one God, and one has to become one with God. You cannot be a man of the world and at the same time become one with God.

If you have realized God within you, and we know that God is all-powerful, then you must also be all-powerful. Why then do you feel helpless? What is the cause of this helplessness? Take it slowly. Try to accept and digest; gradually, if you try, it will unfold. Take it slowly and it will gradually unfold that I am the Lord of the Universe.

I remain the same Eternal One and am in all; therefore you all are God, and yet you feel so helpless. Why is this? Because there is a sort of veil that veils you from God. You yourself are the veil, and it is not possible for you to lift it โ€“ this veil which is yourself. Your eyes, which are quite small, can see a vast panorama and all the objects contained in it, but they cannot see themselves. To see themselves, a mirror is required. So, when the mirror of my grace descends, your own True Self is revealed in an instant.

โ€“Date and place: Aug 1956;  Sydney
Lord Meher (First Ed), p5092 (Revised 2014), p4091


โ€œKeep your mind quiet, steady and firm. Do not submit to desires, but try to control them.
One who cannot restrain his tongue cannot restrain his mind;
one who cannot restrain his mind cannot restrain his action;
one who cannot restrain his actions cannot restrain himself;
and one who cannot restrain himself cannot attain his real Infinite Self.โ€
(Life At Its Best, p26)

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