Real Love – Part 2 (Final)

But how can you obtain my grace? It is very difficult. Only one in a million can have that. You must drown yourself completely in the Ocean of my love; then you will find my grace there. If you cannot bear to drown yourself, then there is compromise. If you want to find me as I really am, there cannot be any compromise. Drown yourself in this Ocean of love!

What is this love? There are volumes of books on love, but they cannot give you love. Love wants to give itself. It does not want anything for itself. It wants only to give.

Now you have a wife and you love her very much. You want to possess her for yourself. It is a great love you have for her. You do not want to be separated from her for a moment; you feel lost if she even talks with someone else. This sort of possessive love, although a form of it, is not real love because there is one thing — the craving for possession — which breeds jealousy and fear. You do not look to your wife’s happiness but only toward your own selfishness.

Now in the divine love of which we were speaking, there are two stages. In the first stage there is the longing for the Oneness — for union with the Beloved; and of course, in that is the craving: “I want to be one with God.” But in the next step the lover does not want anything of his Beloved. He feels satisfied in pleasing the Beloved in all circumstances. And that is the only love which can be called Real Love. In the so-called love, abiding happiness is not to be found; there is only happiness and misery. Once you experience bliss, it is continuous., p4093
Aug 1956;  Sydney

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