Real “miracle” – Part 1

A few men had spoken to Baba about his being seen in Andhra by some persons, and other miraculous happenings. Baba stated:

To date I have never done a single miracle. What greater miracle to expect than the creation, as we see it, that has come out of me! Seeing me personally in the physical form, and the dead coming to life, are all news to me.

Baba conveyed an example of a real miracle:

Within the past two months, two things have happened. On the one hand, we got a report from Uttar Pradesh of a dead child coming to life again. Baba Ramdas, of the Digambar sect (naked ascetics), was told about me by his Guru and came to see me at Satara in July. He was permitted to see me through a screened window. Sadhu Ramdas was then to go to Nasik for the Sinhasta fair. But from the reports subsequently received from Nigam, he never went there because, when he saw me through the screened window, he saw Baba in three forms – Ram, Krishna and Shankar [Shiva]. He may have seen me like that, but it was no miracle by me, and it has nothing to do with spirituality.

Ramdas then wanted to spread my love. He first fasted for forty days. Keshav Nigam writes that Ramdas then went to a village in Uttar Pradesh, where it was a sheer impossibility to introduce God. Suffering makes one remember God, but according to me, one can remember God when one is happy. Ramdas prevailed upon the headman of the village to allow him to do kirtan. Very few villagers were present. While the kirtan was being performed, a small girl died. The child’s relatives started bewailing their lot. Ramdas had to stop the kirtan. He asked the audience to hear about Meher Baba’s love, life and so on.

But he was very afraid because it was his first kirtan associated with Meher Baba’s name and introducing me to the village. So, he asked the father of the dead girl to bring her to him, and putting her in his lap he started the kirtan. Inwardly he must have thought about me and asked my help because the girl came back to life after some time. As soon as the news spread, people started coming from surrounding villages.

When I came to know about it, I said it was news to me. I had nothing to do with it. (This caused the assembly to laugh.) Most probably, Ramdas’ love for me might have done it. The villagers’ wonder and respect was not for me but for the “miracle.” The namaskar (salutation) was not to Baba but to the chamatkar (miracle). In this Path one must become the very dust. I can do only one miracle, and that is to make you like myself.

–Date and place: May 1955; Meherabad
Lord Meher (First Ed), p4714 (Revised 2014), p3775

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