Real “miracle” – Part 2 (Final)

Now compare this miracle with my other miracle. Some of you must have seen Naoroji Dadachanji of Bombay. He and his family have been very great lovers for a long time. His wife died with my name on her lips and came to me. Then Naoroji’s son (Tehemtan) died with my name on his lips. It made no difference in Naoroji’s love for me. There are really very few who remember me in their last moments. Naoroji came to Pimpalgaon after the incident; I embraced him and he felt comforted. On the 13th of October last month, another son of his (Nozar), a young, handsome flying officer who was the mainstay of his family, and who used to pay part of his salary for my cause, died in a plane crash. Before his death, he had been to Satara to see me, and I had told him then to take my name before flying. When I was in Poona in October for two days of rest, Naoroji sent a telegram, expressing how he regretted disturbing me and informing me of Nozar’s demise. I was there with Nozar when he breathed his last with my name. In Uttar Pradesh, a child of parents who have not seen me, and who have no love for me, died and came to life again. Here two youths, one from a family of longstanding deep lovers, die prematurely in my remembrance!

In fact, I say by my authority, there is nothing like death or birth. I know it. We are all in eternity and we will be there always. No one dies and no one takes birth. Nozar was a gem. No one in his family showed the slightest emotion or grief. They remained calm. I would prefer this “miracle” to the one in Hamirpur village. If you associate Baba with any miracle, then associate me with this type of miracle. It is out of my love that I break up family happiness to draw my lovers to me. Venkateswara Rao, in spite of difficulties, is present here.

Nozar was truly a gem. As I said, he was financially helping his father and sister, and spending part of his earnings for my work. Now just imagine what a great thing it is not to feel for the loss of such a gem! This is love!

It is quite true that there is nothing like birth or death. Still, when your wife dies, you weep and lament and strike your head…

Do not connect me with any miracles. Also never think that I will perform any miracles of the type of bringing the dead to life. But it will be Baba’s real miracle if I deprive you of everything and still you go on loving me. Katta Subba Rao, hearing this, you should not worry. It is my way of explaining the truth. During the darshan program in Eluru, you kept us so comfortable and supplied our every want; I am satisfied with you and won’t deprive you of anything! You should not worry, else you won’t be able to sleep!

My elder brother Jamshed loved me dearly. All know it. He died taking my name. When I got the telegram about his death, I was playing cricket with the school boys of the Prem Ashram. I asked everyone to stay happy because Jamshed had come to me. I even distributed sweets. This happened in 1926.


–Date and place: May 1955; Meherabad
Lord Meher (First Ed), p4714 (Revised 2014), p3775

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