Reincarnation and Karma [63]– The Destiny of the Reincarnating Individual: Power behind incarnations is craving

The power that keeps the individual soul bound to the wheel of life and death is its thirst for separate existence, which is a condition for a host of cravings connected with objects and experiences of the world of duality. It is for the fulfillment of cravings that the ego-mind keeps on incarnating itself. When all forms of craving disappear, the impressions that create and enliven the ego-mind disappear. With the disappearance of these impressions, the ego-mind itself is shed, with the result that there is only the realization of the one eternal, unchanging Oversoul, who is the only Reality. God-realization is the end of the incarnations of the ego-mind because it is the end of its very existence. As long as the ego-mind exists in some form, there is an inevitable and irresistible urge for incarnations. When there is cessation of the ego-mind, there is cessation of incarnations in the final fulfillment of Self-realization.

–Discourses 7th Ed., p337

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