“Remain focused on my Reality”



“No one, and that also includes those who have come for the sahavas, should under any circumstances — either directly or indirectly — ask me for favors, rewards, money, jobs, health or other material things, not even for spiritual gain. The best is not to ask for anything. If anything at all is to be asked for, then first one should ponder whether one has the required degree of determination and courage to ask for the love of Baba.

If one has that much determination and courage, one should be ready to surrender so completely as literally to give up and let go of everything — body, mind and heart. And, the self should be able to remain alive and dead simultaneously.

To all of you who believe and feel that I am the Avatar, I say that there is no need at all to ask me for anything, because I must know best when and what to do for one and all, and what to give to one and all.

Your faith and belief demand then that you should feel happy to be resigned equally to whatever comes from me or whatever is taken away by me. As and when I bless anyone with peace and plenty, money and children, name and fame, et cetera, he and others should not feel elated at this. Their concern should be only to keep their minds and hearts focused on what they believe me to be, the one Reality.

If I am free to give as I wish, I must also remain free to take away as and when I deem it best, in any way and at any time. That also means that as and when I take anything away from anyone, he should not raise a cry, because his concern must likewise remain focused on my Reality and not on the thing I take away.

From the Beginning of all Beginnings I have been saying, I say it now, and to the End of Ends I will say it, that he who loves God becomes God.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p3727
November, 1955; Meherabad (1955 sahavas)

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