To give the blessings of love



“It is a fact that I have come among you. One of these days, the whole world will come to realize how I have come, where I have come from and the purpose of my coming. I repeat once again that I have come neither to establish panths [groups] and jaats [classes] nor to establish mandirs [temples], masjids [mosques], churches and ashrams in the world. I have come to receive the beauty and give the blessings of love. All else but God is illusion — whether rites, rituals or ceremonies in the name of religion, worldly possessions, family, money or one’s own physical body. All else but God is illusion.

In response to my call to one and all to leave all and come to me, some have come. A few have responded for the sake of spiritual enlightenment, others to gain peace and escape from worldly strife and entanglements, while a few have come through their love for me to find me as I am.”, p3728
November, 1955; Meherabad (1955 sahavas)

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