A perfect example of obedience to Baba


[On this day 13-May in 1962, Vishnu joined his Beloved. Let us remember his love and obedience to his Master.]

One day while Merwan Seth was distributing prasad in the temple, a fifteen-year-old boy came forward and held out his hands to receive the sweets. Merwan Seth asked his name and the boy replied, “Vishnu Narayan Deorukhar.”

“What do you do?” Merwan Seth inquired.

“I go to school,” the boy replied.

“Where is your father?”

“He is dead,” Vishnu said.

Merwan Seth looked into the boy’s eyes with compassion and said, “From now on I am your father.”
(www.lordmeher.org, p206; 1919; Poona)

[4 decades later] …

In the morning of Sunday, 13 May 1962, Vishnu was sitting on the doorstep of the hall in Guruprasad. Baba saw him and remarked to Nariman, “Vishnu has one foot in this room and one foot in the grave.” At the time, none of the men understood what Baba meant. Vishnu was in a very pleasant mood that day; his cousin Sushila had come, and he was quite animated while talking with her.

That afternoon, Guruprasad was filled to overflowing during a program of qawaali singing held from 4:00 to 6:30 P.M. 

When the program ended, Baba went to his room. Bhau and Vishnu both went for their evening milk, because Bhau would soon have to be on watch near Baba. It was already a bit late due to the qawaali singing. While having their drink, Bhau related to Vishnu how Francis kept pestering him to translate [during qawaali session], and how he had fun misleading him. Vishnu laughed heartily.

After that, Bhau went to wash his face, and Vishnu went to give Goher a message. It was about 8:20 P.M. when Vishnu rang the bell to call Goher and then collapsed. Vishnu’s worldly journey came to an end. He had had a heart attack. It was just a month shy of his 59th birthday when he attained union with the Divine. Vishnu had been suffering from coronary thrombosis for some time.

Baba was informed and came out of his room and sat near Vishnu, who was laid on the sofa. Although Vishnu’s heart and pulse had stopped completely and his eyes were half-closed, when Baba came and stood by him, one of the men said, “Look, Vishnu, Baba has come. Baba is here.”

Vishnu’s eyes opened wide and gazed upon Baba, and they remained so until they were gently shut.

Baba remarked, “See how he obeys me, even in death!”

-www.lordmeher.org, p4799
13 May, 1962; Guruprasad



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