The working of Maya-2 (False values): Taking as unimportant the important

On the other hand, the working of Maya also expresses itself by making an important thing look unimportant. In reality, the only thing that has importance is God; but very few persons are really interested in God for His own sake.

If the worldly-minded turn to God at all, it is mostly for their own selfish and mundane purposes. They seek the gratification of their own desires, hopes, and even revenges through the intervention of the God of their imagination. They do not seek God as Truth. They long for all things except the only Truth, which they regard as unimportant.

This again is the blinding of vision caused by the working of Maya. People pursue their happiness through everything except God, who is the only unfailing source of abiding joy.

-Extracted from Discourses, 7th Ed., p373


โ€œThis is all illusion and a zero! A zero has value if linked to a number; otherwise, as zero, it is a big zero!โ€ (, p3537)

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