Significance of Avatar’s activities

Question: In the presence of a spiritual Master, what is the propriety and significance of worldly activities, such as schools, hospitals, asylums, etc., which already are numerous in the world?

Answer: “It is true that the world abounds in similar institutions; but they are invariably philanthropically inspired. Institutions under My care have a spiritual purpose to serve. Worldly benefactions are demanded and created solely by society. My activities are nothing if not an objective manifestation of the Divine dispensation which sustains the phenomenal world. Divine wisdom, full of love and compassion, has been known to incarnate from time to time in answer to the call of humanity when it is faced with hopeless, unredeemable bankruptcy in all departments of life—moral, material and spiritual.

“For eyes that can discern, clearly unmistakable signs of disintegration, social and economical, usually preceding the advent of Divine manifestation, are in evidence all around. Rehabilitation of the world morally and spiritually, with the automatic readjustment of economic and social structure, is the avowed mission of Divine manifestation on earth.

“To achieve this, universal mind with infinite consciousness does universal work in infinite ways. Whatever objective work is done by One of universal mind and infinite consciousness affects the whole scope of His working. If He fasts, the result of fasting is felt by the whole universe spiritually; if He observes silence, characteristic spiritual benefit accrues to the universe. Just as fasting and silence by an individual results in spiritual gain to the individual concerned, likewise fasting and silence by One of universal mind and infinite consciousness amounts to an ordeal or penance suffered by the universe itself, resulting in spiritual betterment of the whole.

“Besides moral and spiritual disruption, the world today is experiencing terrible economic chaos. To invite or to tempt the world to things spiritual, the material needs (individual or collective) must be satisfied before the mind can dispassionately accept the spiritual. When I give food and clothing with My own hands, it will result in the world gaining its economic and material welfare.

“When I wash the God-mad and the lepers, the effect will be that those of sub-normal or abnormal consciousness will be restored to normal or sub- normal consciousness; while the lepers will either be cured or their future embodiments will be considerably minimized.

“Accept it as a spiritual fact that every living spiritual Master, charged with duty, affects His surroundings according to the scope of His work. As the Master, so the atmosphere around.”

-Treasures from the Meher Baba journal, p178

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