Spirituality in a nutshell!


He [Baba] asked three boys — Vazir, Raja and Thakia — about their studies and whether they knew the English alphabet. For a joke, Baba asked Feram Workingboxwala what he was studying (as if he too were a schoolboy).

Feram answered, “Nothing in particular.”

Baba acted surprised and asked, “Do you know anything about spirituality?”

“I understand a little.”

“What is that little?” Baba asked.

Feram was the nervous type, especially when attention was focused on him. He was nonplussed by Baba’s questions and could not reply, but after a few seconds responded, “To always do as Baba says.”

Baba happily replied, “It is the only thing to be learned on the spiritual path! This is spirituality from to Z! You have put it in a nutshell. That is everything.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p2608
Dec, 1947; Meherabad

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