That which comes from the heart is the true arti


[During Baba’s visit to Arangaon…]

Jangle’s eleven-year-old daughter, Prabha, began to sing Baba’s arti melodiously. Overcome with emotion, tears began streaming down her cheeks and she began crying out of control. The intense feelings of the atmosphere impressed everyone present, and several of the guests had tears in their eyes. It was noticed that even the animals were still. Still weeping, Prabha received Baba’s loving embrace. Although she tried her best, overcome with emotion she could not continue singing and finish the arti, but Baba assured her, “Such a song as yours is the true arti, as it comes from the fullness of your heart and needs no words.” Through the unceasing flow of tears, Prabha offered Baba not a song but the silent symphony of her heart, which the Avatar heard.

[Later Baba said  about Arangaon villagers]: “These villagers may be poor in the eyes of the world, but they possess more wealth to make even the richest envious, for they are rich in love of the Ancient One.”

–, p4622
Jan, 1960; Arangaon Village


“The language of the heart is the song of love for the Beloved.”
(LM 1st Ed. , 4258)

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