Supervening Orders in the Spiritual Panorama – Final Part 6 (The miracle of annihilation of mind)

These examples show how God does everything and at the same time does nothing. This naturally applies to the so called miracles, which are minor happenings within the great miracle. Mind also can be called the great miracle of the universe, because it is out of the mind that the illusion of the universe arises. Mind is a parent miracle; yet the fulfillment of its destiny lies in self-annihilation. It has not fulfilled its true purpose if it does not completely disappear. The temporary clay model often has to be destroyed in order to bring out a statue of permanent importance; the form of wooden planks is raised only to be replaced later by a slab of concrete; and the hen’s egg has not fulfilled its destiny until it is broken from inside by the pecking of a hatching chicken. In the same way, the mind-mould arises only in order that it may be shattered to pieces and that its bursting may make possible the unfoldment of true and unlimited understanding which is self-sustained. Thus the mind, which is the parent miracle, comes into existence only in order to vanish.

The vanishment of the mind means its stopping to function as mind. In its normal functioning the mind sees, hears and speaks but it has to cease this functioning. It must not see, hear or speak through impressional goadings as it is wont to do. When it succeeds in stopping its impresssional functioning, it has vanished as mind and achieved the last miracle in its vanishment. The mind is a miracle in its origin, in its functional products, and last but not least in its vanishment, which is the pinnacle of its miraculous tenor. But the mind cannot jump over itself. It cannot stop its own impressional functioning. It can only make a somersault and hold before itself a pretense of annihilation, as do snakes and scorpions which often pretend to be dead as a last resort to save themselves.

When the mind gets annihilated, it happens not through its own somersault or gymnastics, but by an act of divine grace. We can neither deny nor explain this divine grace which transcends all of the graded orders, together with all their laws, in the spiritual panorama. With the wiping out of the mind, there is the wiping out of all minor and major miracles. This is the only miracle worthy of the name and which is spiritually necessary. All other miracles, despite their imposing gradations in the panorama, are like the evanescent waves which rise and fall on the surface of the ocean without being able to fathom its immeasurable depths. The miracle of wiping out the mind brings with it complete disappearance of all forms of manyness. The many divisions, of which the mind makes too much and in which it becomes enmeshed, are all within the domain of the illusion or the self-created objects of the mind. Within the domain of the objective world of imagination there are differences, e.g., between the cobra, the tiger, the man, etc. But they are not in the mind, which is the origin of this imagination. All separateness vanishes as soon as the mind, which is the creator of all this separateness, comes to its termination through the act of divine grace.

– Beams, p40


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