“That which degrades is no civilization”




Q: Is it not difficult for you to express yourself clearly in your high mission and noble undertaking?

Baba: No, because both mediums, internal and external, are at my disposal.


Q: Have you concentrated your attention on the upliftment of Zoroastrians?

Baba: I am actually working for universal upliftment, which includes Zoroastrians.


Q: Are you not annoyed by press representatives at home and abroad?

Baba: Never annoyed with anything or anyone.


Q: Have you any political aim besides a religious one?

Baba: Spirituality embraces religion, politics, social matters, etc.


Q: What are the reasons of the present financial depression?

Baba: Self-interest is the reason for financial depression, which will pass away in future.


Q: What is your line of work?

Baba: Love and Service.


Q: Are you of the opinion that the present civilization is degrading humanity?

Baba: No. That which degrades is no civilization.


Do you take trouble to be in contact with political developments of India and of other Western countries?

Baba: Of every department of life, of every nation.


Is it true that foreign countries like America and England are in a position to supply the world with industrial education that has so much accounted for their prosperity in the long run, but failed to produce effect this time [in 1933]?

Baba: The West can teach material things to the East, and the East can teach spiritual things to the West.


–Silent Teachings of Meher Baba, compiled and edited by Naosherwan Anzar, p150

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