The best thing is to obey Baba


A little later, Baba gave an important message on what has lasting value in life.

He told us:

The things of lasting value for the Path are:

(1) Divine Love,

(2) obedience to a Perfect Master,

(3) absolutely sincere and wholehearted service to others,

(4) true renunciation of all worldly things, leaving no room for thoughts other than that of God, the only Reality.

Divine love is purely a gift from God to man … Contact with a Perfect Master is never equally available to all men at all times . . . Selfless service and true renunciation are open to all, but possible only to the true heroes amongst men …

The best thing for the mandali [and for Baba lovers] is to obey Me and go on obeying Me to the last … I know how difficult that is . . . but even if a few amongst you succeed in really obeying your Baba, you will indeed make Him truly great.

– Glimpses of the God-Man, Bal Natu, Vol 6, p241

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