The Divine Response – Receive my love with open heart


Do not try with your limited mind to understand the significance of my actions, nor try to imitate them. You must not do what I do, but do what I tell you to do. To try to bring my every action within the orbit of your understanding is but to understand the limitations of your own understanding.

When I see you confused, at times I am moved to give an explanation, to clarify the reason for a particular action of mine. This I do out of my compassion and love for you. And thus it is that sometimes I seem to be defending my actions with explanations and giving reasons for them. This but depicts your weakness and reveals my strength.

But remember that despite my explaining, the significance of my actions will ever remain beyond the range of your knowing. The utter simplicity of my divine game appears to be highly intricate as soon as you try to understand it through your intellect.

The more you have my sahavas [companionship] and receive of my love with an open heart, the more wholeheartedly you begin to accept me. And it is equally true that the more you see of me, the more convinced you become that you understand me less and less. Exerting to comprehend my divine game through the [intellect’s] process of understanding opens up vast fields of speculation in which you wander and arrive sooner or later at a dead end, finding yourself helplessly lost and none the wiser.

If my actions cause confusion, it is because of your lack of complete trust. Therefore, uproot all doubt and remember well that whatever I do is for the best. All my actions are born of my divine response filled with divine love.

—, p4555
June, 1959; Guruprasad


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