The Divine Theme, Explained – Part 2


Again, pointing to the chart, Baba continued:

The winding of sanskaras is shown like this, and the thread begins from here. The unwinding process is shown in this way. From “A” is the winding process. This represents seven stages of descent, and “Z” shows the ascent – involution, although both appear quite the reverse on the chart.

Now, pay attention to this. All these are souls, but in different forms like stone, metal, vegetable, animal, et cetera. The corresponding forms are shown above. Remember what I tell you now. All these forms and worlds in reality do not exist. What exists is only Jeevatma (individual souls) and Paramatma. Both are the same. But for the sake of explanation, we take this as Jeevatma, and that as Paramatma. Though they appear absolutely different, in fact, they are one and the same.

Gadekar was fully engrossed in what Baba was saying and Ghani was laughing at him. Thereupon, Baba remarked:

It should be like that. We should go through all this smilingly; if not, it becomes tedious.

What do you have to try and grasp from this chart? First, listen carefully. It is very simple.

Suppose this is the Ocean – Paramatma. We are all atoms in it, and our bodies are bubbles. They are infinite drops in the ocean. Does even one drop differ from the ocean? No. But in the ordinary ocean bubbles appear on the surface (external). In this Ocean, Paramatma, they do not. The bubbles are there, but inside the Ocean.

In the beginning, the Ocean was quite calm and absolutely rippleless. By the urge of the lahar [original whim], like a breeze, bubbles were created.

But, in this Ocean of Paramatma, that lahar and also the “urge” are both inside the ocean. So, their movements cannot create waves. This is the reason why no movements appear on the surface. Keep this point very clear in your minds.

There is another important point to be clearly understood. If you grasp it properly, although it is somewhat difficult, everything will be clear. It is about the winding and the unwinding, that is, the seven twists shown in the chart during the soul’s journey from “A” to “Z.”

Pointing toward himself, Baba continued:

Think, this body is the soul. This is merely for explanation, because, in fact, it is not so. The body is not the soul.

In the beginning, consciousness is like the opening of the eyes.

Baba closed and then slightly opened his eyes.

In the beginning, the soul is there, but the eyes are closed. So, I could not see myself.

Now what happens? That urge that was all along latent in me to see myself gets a lahar [whim] or motion. For example, in Knowledge, ignorance is latent. In the Infinite, the finite is latent. All the opposites of God one can conceive of were latent in God, because God is also his own opposite, since nothing exists but God. So in the “not-knowing” state of God, its opposite urge of “knowing Himself” was latent.

So, with the first lahar, the eyes were slightly opened, and they naturally fell on the objects that they confronted facing them. For some time they saw light. With the eyes opened, as the soul continued gazing at the light, it got tired, and its body got a twist. With that twist, the eyes that were slightly opened in the beginning, became slightly more open, and it could see a little more than before. Thus, as it continued getting more twists, one after the other, during the evolutionary process from stone to human, the eyes became more and more widely opened and could see more, until the soul got a big twist – the human form – when its eyes were fully opened, and it could see the sky and the stars, the world of phenomena, and so forth. This happens during the process of the descent.

Then what happened? After the human form, the soul continued seeing everything, here, there and everywhere during its eighty-four lakhs of reincarnation. During the reverse process of Realization, when it gets the seven new twists, its eyes become dazed. It begins to see downwards toward itself; first, from the legs upward, until it sees itself completely. This looking toward itself is during the process of ascent.

We will take the soul “A” and make it “Z,” intellectually of course. Another new point is to be cleared, and then we will take up the chart. Everything is to be disclosed.

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