The fundamental truth of all religions is really the same


“The Prophets lay down certain rules and practices to help the masses lead better lives and to incline them toward God. These rules become the tenets of an organized religion; but the idealistic spirit and motive force, which prevail during the Prophet’s lifetime, gradually disappear after his death. That is why organizations cannot bring spiritual truth home to people. Religious organizations become like archaeological departments trying to resuscitate the past. Therefore, I shall not attempt to establish any new religion, cult or organization. I shall rejuvenate and revitalize the religious thought of all people and instill a higher understanding of life in them.

Remember, though, that the fundamental truth of all religions is really the same, because all issue from the same source — God. But the Avatar considers the times, circumstances and prevailing mentality of the people before his public manifestation. He therefore preaches doctrines best understood and best suited to such conditions.”, p1207
Nov, 1930; Meherabad


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