“The time is soon coming to give mankind a universal spiritual belief”


Baba then brought up a different point to Brunton:

Have you not noticed how all nations have been brought into instant communication with each other during this modern epoch? Do you not see how the railways, steamships, telephones, telegraph, radio and newspapers have caused the whole world to become a closely woven unit?

An important event happening in one country is made known within a day to the people of another country 10,000 miles away.

There is a special reason why all these developments have recently taken place. The time is soon coming to give mankind a universal spiritual belief, which will serve all races of people in every country. In other words, the way is being prepared to enable me to deliver a worldwide message to humanity.

“But, when will you tell the world about your mission?” asked Brunton.

I shall break my silence and deliver my message only when there is chaos and confusion everywhere, for then I shall be most needed — when the world is rocking in upheavals, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions — when both East and West are aflame with war! Truly the whole world must suffer, for the whole world must be redeemed!

-www.lordmeher.org, p1207
Nov, 1930; Meherabad

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