The Gift of Love

You, yourself, are the veil. How will you remove it? As said before, take my name sincerely fourteen times, not less. Go on repeating, “Baba, Baba, Baba!” One day the veil will be torn asunder. I will do it.

You cannot have the gift of my love – in spite of all meditation, repetition of God’s name and worship – until I give it to you. When I give it, the veil will be removed in a fraction of a second.

I know who is capable of obtaining this gift of love from me.

When a person receives it, his lips are sealed in such a way that not even an “aah” escapes.

When someone is emotionally moved, he weeps and repeats God’s name and exhibits his feelings, people take him to be a lover of God. But with my authority I tell you he is no lover of God.


-, p 3792
November 1955; Meherabad


“Love is a gift from God to man. A Perfect Master never gives the gift of love. Obedience is the gift from Master to man. Surrender is the gift of man to the Master.” (, p3818)

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