“When I say I am the Only One, I mean it” – Part 1

“With the body comes suffering. It is natural. Even the Avatar suffers. At first the Westerners could not understand how the Avatar could be affected by suffering. (Baba had the incident in England repeated when he was made to stand in the severe cold in thin clothes, and how the Westerners thought he, being the incarnation of God, could not catch any illness.) Gradually, I explained to them about my Avatarhood [being truly human], and now their understanding has deepened.”

Baba recalled his accident in 1952: “After my automobile accident in America, my leg was put in plaster. No one for a moment ever wondered why, being the Avatar, I could not avoid the collision. Or whether I did not know about it in advance. On the contrary, they remained steadfast in their love.

“Don Stevens saw me in America at that time. He, too, had no thought as to why the Avatar should get injured. Krishna died from an arrow wound in his leg. Is it a fact? Yes, it is.”

Baba asked Don Stevens, “Did you ever think about why my leg was in plaster?”

Don said, “I didn’t think about your leg, but I often wondered if you were who you said you were!”

Baba proceeded to explain:

I say on my divine authority that I am the Only One pervading everything – the Only One in creation. Do not treat these as mere words from a learned man or a philosopher. You are wasting your time in shouting “Jai!” so often. Five days ago, when Godavri Mai came from Sakori, I said the same thing. I am the Ancient One, the Only One, and she should always repeat my name, think of me, remember me. I tell the same thing not only to you all, but also to saints and advanced souls on the Path.

A saint of Bombay named Kammu Baba, who deeply loves and reveres me, has written a letter requesting me to free him of all burden and take him near me. I replied to his message, by saying he should repeat my name constantly and should not forget to take it when he drops his body. When I say I am the Only One, I mean it.

www.lordmeher.org, p3772
May 1955; Meherabad

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