The innumerable universes


At 8:00 P.M. on the night of Friday, 2 December 1927, Baba expounded about the universe … :

How was the universe created? It was automatic. There are innumerable universes which are interlaced with one another. These universes are so numerous that even Sadgurus cannot count them. I once tried to count them while at Sakori with Upasni Maharaj. It is astonishing that, though the chains of these universes come out of the Sadguru and then merge back into him, they are still uncountable through his physical eyes.

One night at Sakori [in 1921], Upasni Maharaj and I were sitting in his hut when the topic of counting the universes arose.

First Maharaj tried to count them. In order to count the universes, he first had to stop the continuous flow of [sanskaric] “chains” that are emerging so he could count as many universes as possible. In order to do this, both his mind and the whole force of creation had to be concentrated on stopping the universes. This is extremely difficult and dangerous. From the Oneness [of God] duality is born, and this duality may prove fatal at times. The tension created by such concentration could cause one to drop the body. So Maharaj prevented me from stopping the chain-flow because it actually threatened my life once while I was trying to do this.

Maharaj told me, “No Sadguru was ever successful in this counting, since the flow of direct knowledge is from the Sadguru himself. If this flow is stopped to count the universes, duality is affected. The Sadguru’s life is put in danger by duality’s reaction.”, p866
Dec, 1927;  Meherabad

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