The Mahapralaya (cosmic dissolution)


At 8:00 P.M. on the night of Friday, 2 December 1927, Baba expounded about the universe and Mahapralaya (cosmic dissolution):

These universes come out of the Sadguru and merge back into him after eons. This is called the Mahapralaya. When the universes disappear in Mahapralaya, they are no longer in gross form, but they remain within the universal mind. Every individual gross mind rests in the universal mind. Though this is all an illusion, still the individual souls of all beings that inhabit the universes remain within the universal mind. And after eons the evolution starts again and every jivatma [incarnate soul] gradually takes form in accordance with the consciousness he had before the cosmic event of Mahapralaya occurred.

For example, in deep sleep you are unconscious of both your body and the world. For you this is dissolution or¬†pralaya. When you awaken, creation begins again for you. You come back and the world is again existent to you. This is individual dissolution, but the Mahapralaya happens universally. It is the same as individual dissolution only all universes dissolve, so it is called Mahapralaya ‚ÄĒ¬†maha¬†meaning great. Briefly, this happens every day in an individual’s sound sleep state, and after ages and ages it happens universally. For this reason, it is said in the Koran, “On doomsday, everyone will rise up from his grave.”, p867
Dec, 1927;  Meherabad

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