“The time is coming, when I will shake everything off me”

In 1963, Baba often repeated that he would break his silence at the end of nine months. On the morning of 25 May, he compared the nine months before his silence ended to the nine-month gestation period when a child is carried in the mother’s womb, and stated:

Wherever we turn now we find depression, confusion, conflict. It is nothing but a sign that I will soon break my silence and release a fresh dispensation of Truth.

After I return to Meherazad, there will be an increase in pain and suffering, mental torture and chaos, the world over. It will be a reflection of the suffering I will undergo during the nine months, reaching its height at the time of “delivery”¬†‚ÄĒ¬†the breaking of my silence. Then will come the birth, when both “mother and baby” will get relief.

The time is coming, and it is very close in arriving, when I will shake everything off me. That is why I keep saying, let your hold on my daaman be very strong. So in the coming nine months at your disposal, engage yourselves in spreading my message of love, and trying your utmost to live the life you ask others to live. You must live what you say; otherwise, the best thing would be to keep your mouth shut!

There can be no compromise. My lovers should be 100 percent honest in spreading my message of Love and Truth. Don’t let any hypocrisy enter into it! Don’t let jealousy or backbiting creep into it, or the thing will be spoilt. If you travel about to do my work and cannot afford to do so by jet plane, or train, or car, or even a bullock-cart, then go about on foot. But whatever work you do for Baba, do it honestly. Don’t think¬†you¬†are doing the work. It is done by God’s will.

-www.lordmeher.org, p5006
May, 1963; Guruprasad

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