The kind of people Baba needs for His work

Kamble had injured his leg the day before and looking at him Baba observed: “I do not necessarily need the rich, the respectable and the intelligent for my work. I need the simple, common people, irrespective of their weaknesses. When I was Jesus, I liked to surround myself with poor fishermen and, as Krishna, I was happy in the company of lighthearted gopals [cowherders who were Krishna’s companions]. Was not Pendya, a lame gopal, very dear to Krishna?

“Now during my Avatarhood, the cripples, the fallen and those deprived of most means are my workers. I know that for my work you are the mediums. So be not anxious about anything. Go on doing as I tell you, and let the whole world say what it likes.

Just carry out my instructions and love me more and more.”, p4227
Dec, 1957; Guruprasad


God is free, independent; and to know Him, we must work wholeheartedly and with no reservation.
One who is free does not like any reservation. If you work for Him honestly, with an open heart, God helps.
Do not become a flatterer and never be dishonest to yourself and others.
Be natural and honestly simple.
(, p4198)


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