Obedience is greater than love

Now we will turn to Kaikobad. At times I tell him to keep his hand on my head. Kaikobad loves me, experiences me, sees me when he wishes to see me, utters my name for twenty-four hours a day. When he wants, out of the darkness, he creates light in which he sees my image. In spite of this experience, Realization is an absolutely different thing and far, far away. Kaikobad has surrendered everything to me. When I tell him to keep his hand on my head, he hesitates, cries at times and says, “Baba, I know who you are. Why do you ask me to do this? You are all in all. How could I bless you?” I order him to be obedient, because obedience is greater than love. Compared to all spiritual experiences, obedience is much greater.

www.lordmeher.org, p3819
November, 1955; Meherabad (1955 Sahavas)

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