The law of must – Part 2 (Final)

Baba then had the discourse on the “Law of Must” read out, which concluded with:

The rule of this inexorable Law of Must governs and reshapes the so-called destiny of man in every incarnation, as long as the “self” of man remains conscious of impressions. The principle of must which overrides human plans is based on Divine Law, which both adjusts and gets adjusted by evolutionary impressions. It is only the Divine Will that can supersede the Divine Law.

The so many deaths during the one whole life, beginning from the evolution of consciousness to the end of the involution of consciousness, are like so many sleeps during one lifetime. One who lives for himself is truly dead, and one who dies for God is truly alive. (Revised 2014), p4382
Date and place: May, 1958; 1958 Sahavas, Myrtle Beach


“The relief for every kind of suffering is within ourselves. If we try to live honestly, act honestly, think honestly, in every walk of life, in all circumstances, if we try to put our wholehearted faith in God, that relief is found.”
( (Rev 2014), p4198)

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