Baba then explained foreknowledge:

A. The foreknowledge possessed by an ordinary person depends on memory based on past experiences:

1) When a person sees a man on a mountaintop, the person has foreknowledge that if the man falls down the mountain, he will surely die.

2) When a person sees a row of horses at the starting point on a racetrack, the person has foreknowledge that the horses will run as soon as the “Start” signal is given.

3) When a person sees a bottle of whiskey, he has foreknowledge that the liquid will give intoxication. He associates whiskey with intoxication.

Thousands of such examples could be given of foreknowledge in an ordinary person.

B. Foreknowledge of Perfect Masters depends on the everlasting indivisible experience:

1) Everlasting = without break in continuity.

2) Everlasting = no scope for past, present and future to determine themselves, even relatively.

Thus it is that the Perfect Masters and the Avatar assert, “I know everything.” It is due to their everlasting, indivisible experience that there is no scope left for anything other than their infinite, indivisible, omnipresent, all-pervading individual Self — the Existence Eternal.

Let me say I know everything, if there is such a thing as the past, the present and the future. This means I know how many births you have taken in the past, how many you will take in the future, and I know what you will think when you are born after one million births! I know it in this Eternal Now of mine. This is the meaning of [being] all-knowing. (Revised 2014), p4384
Date and place: May, 1958; Myrtle Beach

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