The New Humanity – Material and spiritual adjustment



In the hour of trial, let the thought of everyone be not for the limited self, but for others—not for the claims of the ego-life, but for the claims of the Divine Self which is equally in all. It is a mistake to ignore human suffering as merely a part of the illusory universe. Not by ignoring human suffering, but by handling it with Creative Love, is the Gateway opened for Life Eternal; and not through callous indifference, but through active and selfless service, is secured the attainment of that transcendental and illimitable Truth, which is at the heart of the illusory universe.

Material adjustment is only a part of the wider problem of establishing spiritual adjustment: but spiritual adjustment requires the elimination of the self not only from the material aspects of life but also from those spheres which affect the intellectual, emotional and cultural life of man.

To understand the problem of humanity as merely the problem of bread is to reduce humanity to the level of animality. But, even when man sets himself to the limited task of securing purely material adjustment, he can only succeed in this attempt if he has spiritual understanding.

What we get, in identification with a narrow group or section or with some limited ideal, is not a real merging of the separative self but only an appearance of such merging. A real merging of the limited self in the ocean of universal life involves complete surrender of separative existence in all its forms.

– ’Gems from The Discourses of Meher Baba’, p16


“The true sign of love is to give everything – to give and give!”
(www.lordmeher,org, 1778)


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