The New Life: How Babadas could contact Dr Khare and Dr Nath

As mentioned, Sadashiv and Babadas had sent a telegram from Benares that suitable bungalows had been rented there. But how this had been accomplished was through another of those “strange coincidences” which seemed to abound with Baba. Before leaving from Belgaum, Baba had advised Babadas to arrange for their food and stay “through one of his acquaintances in Benares.” But the curious fact was that Babadas did not have any friend or acquaintance in Benares, and he wondered what Baba meant.

While in Benares, one day Babadas awoke with a pain in his eye, and went to an ophthalmologist and surgeon named Dr. Brijbhushan Khare. After being examined and treated, while conversing with the doctor, Babadas asked if he was a native of Benares.

“No,” the doctor said, “I am originally from Rath.”

“Do you know Gaya Prasad Khare of Rath?” Babadas asked.

“He is my father!” said the surprised physician.

Babadas was stunned. A few months before, in August, Babadas had taken Gaya Prasad with him to Meherabad for Baba’s darshan. When Gaya Prasad had returned home, he had informed his family about Baba’s divine personality and had told his son how affected he was by Baba’s darshan. Thus, the cables for Baba’s work had been laid.

Babadas told the son all about Baba and what he was doing in Benares. Thereupon, Dr. Khare took him to a friend, Dr. Siddheshwar Nath, also an eye surgeon, who was interested in spirituality. Both Khare and Nath, according to the stipulations Baba had given, not only arranged for the bungalows, but also assured Sadashiv and Babadas that they would supply food for Baba and the companions. Although Dr. Nath knew nothing about Baba and was told that his darshan was not possible, he did his best to secure accommodations for Baba and the companions, and was successful., p2819
October, 1949; Belgaum


“Even if the order given by me is physically impossible of being carried out, you have to prepare yourself immediately to tackle it.” (LM, 2816)



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